Using the new manual from Apodemus, it is possible to turn your Apodemus BatCounter into a camera trap that can be used during bat research. This makes it possible not only to count the number of passing bats, but also to identify their species.

Cameratrap functions as a virtual mistnet

By connecting a digital camera to the Apodemus BatCounter, the digital counter is turned into a camera trap for bat research. The transformation of the BatCounter into a camera trap is beneficial to both the bat researcher and the bat. The bats no longer have to actually be captured, reducing the risk of harm to the bats to zero. For the bat researcher, it is beneficial that the species and numbers can be detected.

And perhaps even more importantly: now the IUCN has called for bats to be touched as little as possible due to potential health risks related to COVID-19 (see also:, it is the method for identifying individual bats without making contact. In this way the BatCounter can be turned into a virtual mistnet.

Extensively tested in the field

Use of the BatCounter as a camera trap has been extensively tested in the field. The field tests have enabled us to optimise the software and produce a manual for connecting the camera to the BatCounter, as well as to devise the best setup for the camera and BatCounter. Both a ‘regular’ camera as well as infrared photography have been successfully tested.

Compatible cameras & cables

There is a connection cable available for a wide variety of cameras to connect the BatCounter to a camera. For the full overview of available cables please check our webshop.  


By following a few easy steps, it is possible to transform the BatCounter into a camera trap. A guide explains how you can turn your BatCounter into a camera trap. If you want to receive the manual send us an e-mail at and we will send it to you!

Rent a BatCounter camera trap!

If you have your own digital camera, another option is to rent a BatCounter for your research. Please state in the rental form that you wish to use the BatCounter as a camera trap, along with the type of camera you will be using and the duration of the rental period. We will make sure that a pre-programmed BatCounter with camera cable is sent to your home. All you need to do is adjust the settings on your camera and connect the camera to the BatCounter correctly.

If you are interested in renting a BatCounter, go to

About the BatCounter

The BatCounter is a digital counter that records movements of bats flying in and out of their roost. This allows research to be conducted into the activity surrounding a roost without disturbing the bats.