Pettersson M500-384 ultrasound microphone

€ 465,00
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The newest addition to the Pettersson line of ultrasound microphones is the M500-384. It offers great convenience and has the same price as the original M500.

The M500-384 can be connected to a device running on Android, Linux (Ubuntu), OS X, iOS or Windows and it will work as a standard audio recording device. No need to install custom drivers.

Like the M500, the M500-384 comes in a slim and durable aluminium enclosure and utilizes the same advanced electret microphone technology as the well-known D500X detector.

The M500-384 can be used both in directional and omni-directional modes. The M500-384 is the ideal choice if you intend to use your smartphone for ultrasound recording. Also consider this model if you need to be independent of a specific OS or software. Please verify the hardware compatibility of the software you choose and that it supports recording at 384 kHz.

The picture shows the M500-384 with an Android smartphone, running the Bat Recorder app, available at Google Play.

Microphone: Advanced electret

Sampling frequency: 384 kHz

ADC resolution: 16 bits

Frequency range: 10 kHz - 160 kHz

Interface: USB 2.0, full speed, OTG/host

Anti-aliasing filter: 8th order, 160 kHz

Size: 43 x 114 x 13 mm (incl microphone horn)

Weight: 60 g

Power: USB bus powered

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