Are you using the BatLure to lure bats to new roosts, or capture them for research? Or would you like to use the BatCounter to count the number of passes made by bats, birds or other small animals? Mains power is not available at every location. Apodemus has developed the Solar Powerkit 60Wp especially to meet this need: a source of electricity that works anytime, anywhere where there is sun.

Benefits of the Solar Powerkit 60Wp

  • No mains power required.
  • On average, the Solar Powerkit provides enough power to run the BatLure for 4 hours a day – the actual duration depends on the season, the amount of sunlight and the type of sounds you play. It will even keep the BatCounter going all day (24 hours).
  • Built-in timer: allows you to play sounds (for the BatLure) whenever needed.

Need support with assembly or settings, or do you have specific needs?

Apodemus can arrange assembly and get everything working for you. Do you have specific requirements for the Solar Powerkit 60Wp? We can adapt the device to all conditions.

Want to know more or buy?

View the Solar Powerkit 60Wp in the webshop.