New software has doubled the accuracy of the BatCounter. Far-reaching improvements have been made in the upgraded software so that bats flying through the counting frame at high speed can also be detected. The software is available free of charge for BatCounter users and can be downloaded from

Accurate at high speeds

The software upgrade will more than double the accuracy of the BatCounter. The maximum speed of a bat that can be detected has been increased. The upgrade even allows small bats with speeds up to more than 16m/s to be detected accurately. Under some circumstances, even bats with speeds up to 20m/s can be detected reliably (95% correct).

Results through 40,000 tests

The improved performance was measured in over 300,000 tests carried out with the new software. Measurements were carried out under various conditions (locations in the framework, speed, size of test bat). These tests provided us with a much better picture of how the BatCounter can be used for the best results.

Improved Application: BatCounter as a virtual mist net

The improved software has also improved the accuracy of the BatCounter as a virtual mist net. By using the BatCounter in combination with a photo camera near known exit and entry holes of bats, the camera can take a photo at the moment an animal passes by. This makes it possible to identify bats without catching them. 

Free download of software

The new software is free to download for owners and users of a BatCounter. The software can be used on both the BatCounter Large and the BatCounter Small. The software can be downloaded from:

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about upgrading your BatCounter? Or about the upgraded software? Please let us know on