Highlighted: the production process of the BatCounter

The BatCounter makes it possible to visualize the phenology of bats. But in order to be able to do so, the BatCounter needs to be produced first. Take a peek behind the scenes at the production of the BatCounter! Producing the BatCounter starts (just like any device) with the collection of the components. The BatCounter requires a total of 148 ...
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Are you ready for the field season yet?

The winter is nearing its end; the winter counts are being wrapped up and the first crocuses have begun to emerge. Now that spring is on its way, the field season is drawing closer as well. But is all of your equipment still in good shape, and functioning as it should be? Now is the time to check your equipment ...
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batdetector gebruik

Surveying bats with a bat detector

Foraging bats are difficult to find and identify. Fortunately, there are all kinds of devices that convert bat calls into audible sound or graphs on a screen. The problem is, there are so many devices that as a bat enthusiast, there is a risk that you invest in the wrong device for your purpose. Different types of detectors Roughly speaking, ...
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batlure tips

10 Tip & tricks for using a BatLure

A properly deployed BatLure can lead to a significant increase in both the number and diversity of bats you are able to attract or capture. But how can you make the most of your BatLure? We will share ten tips and tricks for using your BatLure, to help you obtain optimum results while also avoiding disturbing the bats unnecessarily! ...
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