Need bat equipment for a project or research? Did you know you can rent it from Apodemus too? Also handy if you want to try out particular equipment.

What can you rent from Apodemus?

  • BatCounter Small (40 x 39 x 7 cm) and BatCounter Large (80 x 39 x 7 cm)
    Used to count the number of passes made by bats, birds or other small animals.
  • BatLure
    Used to lure bats to new roosts or capture bats with a mist net or harp trap.
  • BatLure External Speaker
  • BatLure External Speaker BG60
  • BatLure Spinner
  • BatLure PowerKit
  • Solar PowerKit 60Wp

Rentals are available per week or per month. We’ll also be happy to help you set up the rented equipment.

Additional benefit: all our equipment is delivered ready to use.

Want to know more or buy now?

Would you like to rent our equipment? Or would you like more information about Apodemus' rental service? Contact us at You can also take a look at our special rentals page.